Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am a conservative and independent thinker who trusts in his fellow citizens more than government. I plan on running for the U.S. Senate as I can no longer be a spectator as our Freedoms are being eroded and as we descend further into socialist servitude. As a Senator I can do the most for Illinois and this country that has given me so much.

I am a novice who has never run for an elected office. I want to test the proposition that an "ordinary citizen" can be elected to office; that we are a government "by the people, for the people" and that we are capable of governing ourselves without the need of a professional political class.

I don't believe we have been well served by the professional politicians. My goal is to devote all my energy to serving my fellow citizens, not the party.

The Federal Government is too large and oppressive. Government should not be in the business of determining what is "fair;" be it the taxes we pay, or the property we own. Moreover, the government should not dictate what car we may drive, what type of gun we may own, or what sort of light bulbs we may use. Our Nation should be a place of progressive freedom and not regressive servitude.

We should adhere to the U.S. Constitution as our guiding document. Changes should occur through the amendment process and not through judicial fiat. I would not vote to confirm anyone who will not uphold the Constitution and ALL amendments.
  • Equal protection under the law - Period. Any law that would divide us along the lines of race, gender, or income is unconstitutional, divisive and destructive.
  • Reduce Federal corporate taxes and eliminate corporate welfare. The current tax code is a drain on the economy and favor so-called "Non-Profits." Further, elimination of corporate taxation will free religious organizations to fully participate in the political process without fear of retaliation.
  • Equal treatment under the tax code. A tax code that is too difficult for the Treasury Secretary to understand must be eliminated and replaced with a Flat Tax.
  • Resist restrictions on all types of speech: print, visual, audio, electronic. The McCain-Feingold Incumbent Protection Act is a blatant restriction on free speech. If speech is not money then let the New York Times print anything they wish -- but not be allowed to charge any money for advertisement.
  • Enhance our security: Protect our borders and maintain a strong, effective National Defense.
  • Tighten registration procedures to prevent identity theft and protect the integrity of the voting process. Electronic voting should include a receipt confirming voter intent and for auditing purposes.
  • Balance the budget. An easy thing to do as there is no end of the waste in the Federal Government.
  • Eliminate Congressional pensions; "Public Service" is not the place to acquire wealth, power, and prestige.
  • Eliminate the pernicious death tax that destroys family businesses.
  • Innocent human life should be protected. Local jurisdictions should have the choice to impose restrictions on abortion. Further, tax dollars should not subsidize abortion.
  • Marriage: Check your local dictionary for the definition.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rewarding Failure

For whatever reason, politicians continually prefer funding failure over success, from alternative energy, bankrupt banks, to failing schools. Originally, American International Group Inc was given $173 billion to stay solvent. After losing $61B, they are now asking for $50B more.

Then, The State of South Carolina, that has worked hard for a balanced budget and kept their spending in control--will now be forced to send money to Cahl ee foor nee ah, which is $42 billion in Debt.
The city of Washington DC, which spends $24,000 per pupil, has a federally funded voucher program that provides 1,700 students $7, 500 to attend schools of their choice. ( Next year however, this modest program will likely end because of the "Durbin language" This states that the scholarship program ends after the next school year unless Congress authorizes it, and the District of Columbia approves. Since The District is solidly Democrat, and Congress is run by the Democrats, there is no doubt that they will choose Unions over students. Taxpayers are constantly being "asked" to give more "for the children", when the money is mostly siphoned off by the bureaucrats, with little to show in results. Washington, DC students are ranked lowest in math and reading skills. If you did not know, every taxpayer in the United States is subsidizing this abysmal performance.

Meanwhile, homeowners who have sacrificed, saved to make a down payment, and struggling to make their mortgage payment--are now being forced to pay for someone else's mortgage.
The poor saps who thought they were being responsible by saving and being frugal will now have their money taken and given to another.

Speaking of Sap, it's maple sugar time again!
That's where you drive a sharpened stake into a tree and drain the sweet fluid into a bucket.
I guess the difference between a sappy tree and the sappy taxpayer, is that when someone sucks the tree dry, they say "Thank You."

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gazookas Get Rewarded

Hillary Clinton has pledged $900 Million to Hamas, in the Gaza territory, ostensibly to rebuild areas that were damaged by the latest "conflict" with Israel. Proof positive that Terrorism pays (you can imagine how many businesses in the U.S. can be saved with that kind of money.) Remember that the latest incursion by the state of Israel was in response to the daily rocket attacks directed at Civilians. Remember again that the stated goal of Hamas is for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews, regardless of any "Peace Plan". I just wonder why we did not send aid to rebuild Berlin in 1944 or to Tokyo before August 1945? Could it be that we were not about to give aid and comfort to our enemies before they were defeated? Today, it has been reported that about 110 rockets have been launched against Israeli civilians a mere month after the latest "cease-fire", and 18 alone on February 28th. As any child learns, without adults saying "No", tantrums work. Where are the adults saying "no more" and "Never Again"?