Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gazookas Get Rewarded

Hillary Clinton has pledged $900 Million to Hamas, in the Gaza territory, ostensibly to rebuild areas that were damaged by the latest "conflict" with Israel. Proof positive that Terrorism pays (you can imagine how many businesses in the U.S. can be saved with that kind of money.) Remember that the latest incursion by the state of Israel was in response to the daily rocket attacks directed at Civilians. Remember again that the stated goal of Hamas is for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews, regardless of any "Peace Plan". I just wonder why we did not send aid to rebuild Berlin in 1944 or to Tokyo before August 1945? Could it be that we were not about to give aid and comfort to our enemies before they were defeated? Today, it has been reported that about 110 rockets have been launched against Israeli civilians a mere month after the latest "cease-fire", and 18 alone on February 28th. As any child learns, without adults saying "No", tantrums work. Where are the adults saying "no more" and "Never Again"?

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