Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Leave it to a Professional

On February 21st, 32-year old Katie Stockton pled guilty to a single count of murder. Eight years earlier she gave birth to a baby girl at her home in rural Illinois, and placed the newborn in the December cold in a ditch in front of her home. When first questioned by police, she pulled up her shirt and said,
“Do I look like I just gave birth to a baby?”
The frozen corpse was named “Baby Crystal” and the perpetrator was not identified for five years. When police matched DNA from blood with the corpse to saliva from a discarded cigarette, Stockton fled to Kansas City, Kansas. Later, two more infant bodies were found decomposed in the trunk of her car. The coroner who performed the three autopsies commented,
“We finally have some justice for Baby Crystal.”
The plea arrangement limits her sentence to 60 years.
We see where this poor woman made her mistake--she didn’t leave it to a professional! In this state, one can have a doctor kill their baby for them, any time, any place, for any reason! It seems very unfair that one has to be licensed to terminate life, causing undue disruption to this poor woman.
Does it really matter, if a child is killed with the legs dangling, and kicking out of the body, or to kill a child 10-seconds after it comes out of the body?
I am unable to make the moral distinction.

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