Friday, March 29, 2013

Despicable is spelled "MSNBC"

John Hopkins University doctor and Conservative media sensation Ben Carson was raised by a single mother in the most trying of circumstances. His odds for success were against him, save for one thing--his mother, Sonya, demanded high standards and forced her sons to learn--against their will. She pointed out those who were wards of the State, and told her boys, “If you want to stay poor, go on welfare.” She wanted more for Ben and Curtis, working two or three jobs at a time to support them.
Earlier this week, Dr Carson explained that he was against redefining “Marriage”, since that could be used to justify legal relations between man and beast and man and children (NAMBLA.) After his words were misconstrued, he went on the cable-news circuit to apologize and explain what he meant. He needn’t have bothered.
Besides being vilified, mocked and ridiculed, MSNBC showed a clip of Dr. Carson, with a graphic of a white elephant and the text
The Despicable MSNBC is the same network that edited the Zimmerman 911 call, edited video of a black man carrying a rifle, edited Governor Perry’s remarks, etc etc....
Dr Carson has just found out what it is like to be Conservative and ethnic, who has left the plantation and thinks for himself.
 You do not see the NAACP or other race hustlers running to his defense.
A minority who exhibits Conservative tendencies, you see, isn’t “authentic”, or a “real” Black. I believe some of the most courageous people in America are those Blacks who endure abuse and make their own way in life--without the adulation of the world.

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