Monday, June 24, 2013

Broken Will

The Marco-Durbin-gang of 8 “immigration bill” is just terrible and delusional in so many ways. It is an abdication of the first orders of the government of a free people: Protect the citizens and ensure their rights. President Obama said that we are a “nation of immigrants and the rule of law”; he got that half right. I keep hearing that we must create a “pathway to citizenship.” What, we don’t have ceremonies that include taking an oath for new citizens? What some want is special treatment for certain people. While people who follow the law languish for years awaiting legal status, we are to grant that privilege overnight to millions who flout our laws. I have a problem accepting the fairness of that. There is also a fallacy that everyone who comes here want to become citizens; this whole new law is built around such flawed reasoning.

          We do not have a “broken” immigration system; we have one where some laws are ignored and others selectively enforced. Sanctuary cities and even sanctuary states thrive while Arizona is told to cease and desist in their enforcement of immigration laws. If there are problems, they can be addressed in fewer than 1,000 pages. The solution proposed in this new megabill is to write a new law to enforce current law. In 2006, Congress directed that some 700 miles of fencing would be built along the Southern border; they stopped around mile marker 36. If Government refused to enforce the law before, what makes you think they will do so afterwards? In  fact, the Secretary of Homeland Security is not even require to enhance border security.

          Key points of the new law:

·        Self-identify to authorities that you are here illegally; go “to the end of the line”; give up healthcare and welfare benefits.

What incentive is there to gain “legal status”, when you can continue to receive benefits without fear that anyone will harass you?

·        Learn English.

This would never be enforced. Are we really going to deport those who fail this requirement? As a policy, I find it nativist and discriminatory anyway. Immigrants should still be required to pass a citizenship test, and all official Federal government acts should be done in English; however I oppose forcing the English language on those who choose not to learn or lack the aptitude to learn.

·        Must have a job.

Except for--anything. This provision is filled with exclusions and can be waived anyway.

We cannot have open borders with an unfettered welfare state. The new immigrants will certainly undercut wages and contribute to our high unemployment rate.

·        Pay a fine and back taxes.

Who is going to assess the taxes, and based on what? And if someone refuses to pay? There are no enforcement mechanisms.


I think it is unconscionable that we allow criminals to stroll across the border at will to terrorize those who we have welcomed legally. I am of mind that many immigrants have come here for safety and to leave behind the lawlessness of their previous country. This bill allows those with up to two DUI’s to claim legal status. There is no telling how many gang members and criminals this will grant amnesty to, and then we won’t deport them.

It is fanciful to think that those who have broken our laws, taken advantage of our welfare system, and fly the flag of their home country will suddenly become patriotic, responsible Citizens. I am ALL FOR Legal immigrants. I welcome and commend those who wish to come here and be part of the American society. Those who have endured hardships and have become citizens are some of the most loyal Americans anywhere. Whatever we do, it should be for the best interests of the United States; this “reform” measure offers no benefits. Secure the damn border FIRST in the interest of national Security and safety. Then we can talk.

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  1. We need to get you into the fight.... replace the thieves and criminals, commonly called politicians, with honorable civic leaders!