Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For the Children

I am furious that more than 13 years after the Columbine massacre we still haven’t taken ANY meaningful action to keep our children safe.
Today President Obama proposed four pieces of legislation and signed an “Executive Order” directing 23 actions. You can read the summary here:

I guess the NRA’s advice to put an armed guard in schools wasn’t so crazy after all, since
 item 18 is to “Provide incentives to schools to hire school resource officers.”
Lip service is always given to school security but nothing useful is ever done.

After a campus concealed-carry bill was defeated in Virginia, a Virginia Tech University spokesman expressed his approval, saying that “this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus."
A year later that sense of safety died along with 30 helpless residents of Virginia Tech.

At Sandy Hook Elementary school, Connecticut, a new safety policy was instituted to “ensure student safety”. That new policy ensured the death of 20 children.

Most schools have in place identical and meaningless safety policies.
Mass shootings occur exclusively in “gun-free zones”, and the killer has always been stopped by someone with a gun. At Pearl Mississippi High school, Assistant Principal Joel Myrick took a handgun out of his pickup truck to stop a murderer.
Critics point out that Columbine school had an armed guard, and yet that didn’t prevent the two shooters to murder 13. You know why the “armed guard” didn’t prevent the killings? Because he was in the parking lot eating his lunch!!
If you want to get rid of guns, fine; what will we do to protect the children until then?

We have experienced time and time again what doesn’t work.

When will we try what has been proven to work.

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