Monday, January 28, 2013

In Government we trust

Senator Diane Feinstein resurrected her new, improved gun ban, by listing 158 specific guns, and banning more by description. Her last 10-year ban expired in 2004, and used three features to describe an “assault weapon.” The new legislation uses only one feature to make a gun dangerous, like a pistol grip or folding stock.
So a Ruger mini-14 is a good gun, while a Bushmaster AR-15 is a bad gun, although they fire the same bullet and have detachable magazines.
Once again, Government claims to offer protection--after the fact. Approved Government Airline safety was in place on September 11th that provided a false sense of security.
Although there were known vulnerabilities in airline/airport security, there were no adults in leadership positions to stop the murder of nearly 3,000. It was only the actions of passengers aboard UA Flight 93, who took matters into their own hands outside of Government direction that prevented further deaths to those on the ground.
And so it is with “School Safety.” President Obama said that our FIRST duty is to protect our children, and for this we will be judged. Yet, it is the Federal Government that passed the Gun Free School Zone Act of 1990, and amended in 1995, that schools became magnets for mass murderers.
1992, Lindhurst High School: 4 killed
1997, Heath High School: 3 killed
1998, Westside Middle School, 4 killed
1999, Columbine High School:  13 killed
2001, Santana High School: 13 wounded, 2 killed
2005, Minnesota school: 9 killed
2006, Amish school: 5 killed
2007, Virginia Tech: 31 killed
2008, Northern Illinois University: 5 killed
2010, University of Alabama: 3 killed
2012, Oikos University: 7 killed
2012, Sandy Hook Elementary school: 27 killed

Our sense of “safety” is only an illusion. School shootings are rare, so any school can declare themselves “safe” only because of the law of averages. That same government that has disarmed us for “public safety” have made schools vulnerable and helpless.
Will more shootings occur in these “gun-free zones”? You know the answer, and we have not even seen the worst of them. How many deaths of the innocent will we endure until we take meaningful action?

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